my daughter's behavior

3 to 7 years

Created by Pavi Tripathi
Updated on Apr 27, 2016

hi m Pavi. my daughter has started feeling that my son manan is much more important n i love him more. she is not understanding it n when i am present she used to fight n harm him. there are behavioral changes taking place in her too. how should i tackle her.

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| Apr 28, 2016

Hi again! Pavi patience,praise and perseverance is the key in this case. U need to ensure that no one at home raises hand or voice with her. Hitting lil one could be just her expression of anger and frustration and imitation. Be her role model and model ways to positively control your anger in front of her by either leaving the situation immediately or doing reverse counting or by diverting your attention. Avoid behaviors which u don't want her to imitate. Hope this helps!

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| Apr 28, 2016

hello i tried all this but she used to beat him n gets very agressive. n also dint follow what ever i say.

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| Apr 27, 2016

Hi Pavi Tripathi! How r u? It's not unusual for the siblings to feel that the other one is getting more attention and is therefore parents' favorite child. Its difficult to do away with these thoughts from child's mind but we can at least try by giving equal attention to both,praising both,hugging both together, never comparing them or complaining about one in front of another. Work on the bond between them , give them opportunities to play with each other ,share their toys,asking one to narrate stories to other,care for other one while u r away. I know it's difficult for the mother alone to do so but take help of family members in taking care of other one while u r occupied with one. Hope this helps!

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