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Updated on Jun 25, 2017

hi sir/mam, I have another question that my baby is not sleeping well at nit times bcoz I provided bottle feeding to her now she z not drinking milk in bottle so she z not sleeping till 2,o clock . even though she won't sleep in afternoon times she cannot sleep early in nit times if I shout on her she will cry or she will beat me like wise she z changing her behavior

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| Jun 25, 2017

Hi Tousif, kindly dont shout at her as she will revert. Try to handle with love and care. give her dinner by 8-8. 30 and you also dine together and try to sleep early. Switch off the light , sing some lullabies, rub her hair and back of the ear. Give her water whenever she wakes up at night.

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| Jun 26, 2017

Yes I agree with Puloma,try to sleep off with her. If you live in a joint family,request the others to cooperate and switch off all the lights(only until u both close the door,then they can switch on) and then you can close your room door and lie down with her. Tell her stories etc and later just be silent ..I am sure she will sleep getting bored soon.. and then maybe after 30mins or so you can carry on with your work

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