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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 21, 2017

hai sir/madam, my daughter is too naughty and a very talkative during class hours.. her listening skills is also low.. also she is very playful while learning or doing her homeworks.. I am very much worried about her education level.. I don't know how to manage her.. kindly will you suggest me how to handle her for the above mentioned things .

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| Jun 21, 2017

hi Prateepha Prathi! I do understand your concerns. it's difficult to change child's playful nature, but yes of course you can give her rewards say a smiley or a sticker,apart from a hug and loads of praise if she finishes the allocated work . set short term goals for her. say finishing a chapter in two days. studying for just 30 minutes at a stretch and then a 15 minutes break. then change the subject so that child doesn't get bored. keep praising her all along. find her preferred learning style and teach her through that. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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