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my doughter in 2 yr old she is not sleeping at night instantly

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Updated on Aug 11, 2017

she is not sleeping up 12 o clock

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| Aug 11, 2017

Hello Bajrang, the prepation for sending your child into bed should be started at least 1 hour before the expected time of sleep. If you wish to fall her asleep at around 10 o'clock.. then you have to start the prepation definitely from 8:30 and she must be in her bed room within 9 o'clock. After her dinner, change her cloths and give a casual leg massage before sending her to bed. Use a dim light in her room... you can play soft lullabies also... but it is better if those are sung. Don't allow her to watch anything on either TV or mobile after 8:30. A relaxed mind falls asleep faster. Whatever the situation if you follow a particular routine for several days , slowly you will find that your baby is becoming drowsy after 9

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