My friend had a introverted child who got very tired and school but loved playing with his parents at home who worked shifts. The child slept late. The school insisted he be put to sleep by 8 pm so that he is fresh and enjoys school. He slowly started sle

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Updated on Aug 12, 2016

Human contact over disipline

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| Aug 12, 2016

hi Mohini Dwarkadas!how r u! I understand your friend's concerns. definitely it's good that they want to spend some time with the child but due to time constraints they are not able to. but it is also important to understand that frequent complaints and child's lethargy in school would further demotivate her to participate in school activities thereby furthermore complaints from school. it's advisable to make use of weekends to spend quality time with the child or if u must, n flexible timings are allowed then change your work timings and spend time with the child by teaching her, talking to her how her day was, doing activities with her, taking her to the park etc. all these will boost her morale and help her come out of her shell. hope this helps!

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| Aug 30, 2016

The story could not be finished -- basically thanks to so-called discipline a normal child became autistic because the one human contact he had was snatched away from him. It was his granddad who noticed this and luckily acted in time to pull him out and reestablish the human connect

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| Sep 01, 2016

Shikha Batra your comments are not only patronizing but also simplistic. This is about HUMAN interaction. Lethargy has nothing to do with it. The biggest geniuses in the world sleep less than 6 hours a day and have often not had formal schooling. Edison is a big example.

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| Dec 05, 2016

Human contact is definitely important. But I dont think lack of it can make you autistic. And kids do need more sleep than adults. Discipline is very important in everyone's life. The big geniuses are usually adults.

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