My kid being very stubborn.....


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Sep 06, 2015

Hey all ... My kid was doing ok n I have never been so disappointed but for the last 10-15 days ; I have seen major behaviorial changes in him as he turned so stubborn , not following certain instructions and not letting us do anything for him ... If v tie his shoe laces , he wud start getting upset ... Being particular about how the knot is tied then wud undo start doing himself which results in frustration and waste of time in the morning .... It is soooo disturbing and making me loose patience at times ... I did slap him also once but that also had a reverse effect

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| Sep 07, 2015

Jyotsana, I think your son is actually on the right track, trying to show his independence and wants to explore things on his own which is a very good quality. And he pays more attention to details and wants to do things perfectly. When the child shows the same quality in academics like writing neatly and shows perseverance in completing his school work, we feel proud and appreciate them for their effort. Dont we? So i think we must also encourage them when they try to learn life skills. I agree it's frustrating to see him waste time in the morning. In that case, you may plan your morning chores accordingly and make him get ready a little earlier than usual so he can spend time in completing his work. If he shows frustration you could ask if he needs any help rather than forcing him to listen to you which actually upsets him as he is denied the opportunity to do it himself.

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| Sep 07, 2015

Hi Jyotsana You may refer to an earlier talk on a similar topic- http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/handling-a-3-stubborn-child/395

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