My kid does not listen to me at all when he is with Grandma.

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Updated on Oct 30, 2017

My child is 3 yrs 9 months old. My MIL allow him to do whatever he wants, give him the food that he wants to eat like roti with milk, rice with milk or chocolates, even we told her many times to give him proper food. Due to this behaviour he is most attracted to her. When she is not home, he listens to him and eat properly and do things properly. But when she is at home, he is totally a different person. He does not listen to me, he didn't come to me, does not eat properly. I can't understand how to tackle in this situation. This situation makes me angry and I shout on him. Sometimes I need to take him one room, lock the door and make him eat food. This becoming worse every time and this has ruined my relationship with MIL also. Please, guide.

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| Oct 30, 2017

hi Priyanka Marne ! ur mother in law and u both want are concerned about yr child and his happiness. though she has a different way of doing so. she is not wrong in showering her love on her grandson it's just that her method is lil diffrent . u could talk to yr mother -in -law just in a manner you would have spoken to your own mother had she been doing the same. Priyanka talking bridges distances and makes u connect well. u could make her sit and politely talk to her without getting into arguments. once u would tell her , 'Amma , all this is not good for him in the longer run'. she too would stop doing it and ask your child to listen to u. old people need respect and someone to talk to. let her open up with u and tell why she allows him to have all those things , then u could suggest alternatives how by offering healthy alternatives she could still pamper him. hope this helps!

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| Oct 31, 2017

We have already talked with her. Even my husband, her husband, her brother everyone tried to explain her. But she feels that we are teaching her how to take care of a child. It hurts her ego and things go wrong. There are some situations like my kid don't even had dinner and she let her sleep. When she is at home, many time his 1 or 2 meals are skipped. He wake up at night crying due to hunger. She lets him sleep as he wants to sleep. Doesn't even try to make him eat food first. She gives her biscuits and milk instead of evening snacks. What kind of love is this? Talking to her and making her understand the things is not the way for us now. She is on her work outside Pune. Come home only on weekends. But only 2 days spolis everything. If we don't listen to my kid, he starts now yelling and crying. I want to know, how I should make my kid aware of the healthy habits, as he is too small to understand these things.

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