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My kid doesn't behave in gatherings.

1 to 3 years

Created by Ramla
Updated on Nov 12, 2015

My son is 3yrs n 3mths old. He reacts differently when he meets people outside. He feels shy initially then starts behaving crazy n goes out of control. He screams n throws tantrums. He doesn't get along with other kids outside. How do I tackle this phrase. It's very embarrassing

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| Nov 20, 2015

Thanku so much for the advice nandita. I'm trying to work on the tips u have given. I'm a bit relieved now after reading ur comment. You have been a great help. Thanks once again.

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| Nov 16, 2015

Hi. I remember one thing my dad once told me which i feel is lacking in our kids today is the openness to play with kids. I feel we all tey to provide such a protective environment for our kids tht in turn we make them like this. Dont worry ramla. My son too used to never know how to behave with people around earlier. But now enjoys company of ppl in our house. Key is to never try and scold or try and discipline the child infrint of everyone. Try and make him understand as why is this wrong or why is it right. Also sometimes children act out because other kids tend to make groups and not let the new child in tht group. The child wants attention and hence tends to be destructive. So try and get him involved in other children activities. Have more kids come over. Take him to he park. Befriend his friends. Try and make some yummy things for friends. Idea is tht u need to be another baby with ur baby. Trust me this takes time but it works.

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| Nov 12, 2015

It's the same with familiar faces too.

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| Nov 12, 2015

Is this so only with strangers or also with familiar faces?

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