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my kid is not intrested in studying

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 10, 2017

hi all.. my daughter is not intrested in studies... although she has a sharp mind n good grasping but she do not want to study n even dont want to go to school. i tried many things like cutting down her tv time,playing with her in between studies so that she dont get bored up or even rewards... but all in vain. plz help

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| Feb 18, 2017

make learning a fun activity.. if she doesn't write in book try bringing a white board.... where she can scribble , write, draw... starting a study activity like a game may also help... appreciate and applaud whenever they do something right or correctly .. kids really feel great and will to do more when appreciated... I tried this with my son... make it a poinT to engage with her for some time daily... this may help..

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