My Kid is not participating after school activities

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 26, 2015

Hi All My kid is 3. 7 years preschooler. At home she is very active and participates in dance, paint and other activities with me. She goes to school without any problem but she is not at all interested in participating dance/Gym/painting with her friends after school hours in the school. I keep on tells her to participate and good consequences of it. She replies me positively but will not participate. She simply says she is not interested some times. I tired to encourage her by giving small gifts if she participates, but I think that is not good idea. So please tell me how should I encourage her differently.

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| Oct 26, 2015

Hi Carol, Thanks for your reply and I support it. However Kids of same age in her school are participating daily. These activities are being conducted in her school+day care. I understand every kid is different but I am little worried as my kid is not showing interest in such extra activities. Her class teacher also told me that she is not interested in various activities like role play in the school time as well and she is more interested in free play always. Acc. to my observation she is not tired to do it but not interested even though I involve her in dancing several times at home. So I am little worried :(

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