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My kid weight and food habits

Johm Charles

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Jan 05, 2016

My kid is 4 years and she is abt 14 kg.. she does not like fruits to be taken max she takes is banana.. how to cultivate that habit.. want to increase her body weight too..

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Mansi Advait Bodas

| Aug 08, 2016

Hi just for additional information Banana is used for weight gaining. It's ok if she doesn't like fruits give her one or two pieces every day after meal. Remember let her make her own choice of food but quantity you decide. As if u force she will be stubborn and won't listen to you at all. so be patient and give her 2 to 3 slices also you all have same after meal. regularly so it becomes routine to eat fruits for her. Bring seasonal fruits maximum as it actually has meaning in aayurveda. Also try making sandwich or bhel with fruits .. of she likes corn it's the right season. Give her bhutta in whatever form she likes... enjoy all the best be patient be happy

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