my kids doesn't eat anything.... I need 2-3 hrs to ate them.... I need help for this

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 05, 2017

my daughter ven I gv smthng to eat she first vomiting tendency both r vry slim nd calcium defficeefficecy....

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| Jul 05, 2017

hi Dilshath! I believe that this has become a vicious cycle in this particular case. since they don't eat, there is negative response and because of which they further get averse to eating and hence this vomiting and puking sensation . u need to break this cycle by making meal time Happy family time. make them sit around the dining table. talk about how their day had been so far, what they liked about it. plan holiday destination, talk about good memories. avoid scolding them,let them finish how much they are comfortable with. give positive feedback. hope this helps!

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