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11 to 16 years

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Updated on Feb 05, 2017

.My child is not eating any healty foods and she is gaining weight beacuse of that she is not showing intrest in studies she stood last in every activity in her school and her health is also disturbing she had syness and gastric problem also

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| Feb 05, 2017

hi Chandra Shekhar! Hope u r doing fine! I understand what your concerns are! please make your home free of unhealthy food. in the sense avoid buying ready to eat, junk food or food made from refined flour or artificial sweeteners . use healthy cooking practices such as kneading dal or paneer or palak or boiled veggies in dough, use of refined oils; finely chopped veggies and using it all your preparations , be it in curd or rice or veggies or even paranthas . lay down some rules and ask everyone at home to follow it such as allowing one day in a week as junk food day, wherein u will cook anything of their choice. make sure no one breaks the rules as, we cannot preach what we ourselves don't practice as children will not take us seriously in that case and can get rebellious. give her a hug and a kiss for listening to u. praise her , motivate her . look for her strengths and work on her not so strong points through those. for instance if she is good in dancing or music or art , get her further trained in that from an expert. allow her to participate in competitions in school or other than those. winning is not everything, even participation counts. always ensure , no one at home makes negative comments on her physique or her performance in class, rather keep motivating her by saying,"u were so good", "u can do it". keep showering your love on her and hug her often as hugs do healing. I am sure she would soon come around. hope this helps!!

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