my question is that how I manage my baby routine and my work from home routine to manage my lifestyle....... I write articles and do policy work... and also suggest any job vacany which is related to this app

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jun 19, 2021

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| Jun 19, 2021

Neha singh ! Managing baby, house hold chores and work from home is a very big challenge for women . We need to be quite smart in doing our works dear . Keeping maid for help is also not advisable now. Wake up morning and finish off with the cooking for the day. Engage your child indoors with her favorite toys and activities like coloring etc. . Mean while sit for your office works. Wash vessels as and when you find time . Take time for yourself at least , say (5-10 mins )in every two -three hours .Speak with your husband also gently about how you manage everything alone and seek his help too. Evenings have a small family time. All sit together, chat and have a happy time with family. Keeping our minds positive and healthy is more important. Neha singh

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