my six year girl cut nails with her mouth. how she left her bad habit

3 to 7 years

Created by Kuljit Kaur
Updated on Oct 01, 2016

cut her nails with her mouth

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| Oct 02, 2016

many many thanks for this kind information

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| Oct 02, 2016

hi Kuljit Kaur! how r u! Biting nails is usually a habit which just like other habits take time to get rid of. kuljit we need to understand here may be she herself doesn't realize that she is doing it. Remind her politely that she should divert her mind each time u notice her doing that. please note when she does it more , may be when she gets bored, or is under stress that she is gonna get scolding or when she is watching TV etc. u could give her some other thing to hold in her hand so as to keep her hands occupied or divert her mind with some other activity or u could hug her or comfort her so as to make her feel relaxed. avoid scolding or hitting her as that could aggravate the problem. also u could apply femite colorless liquid which has a bitter taste which could be applied on nails . KuIjit u could discuss in detail with her how biting nails would make her prone to catching infections , and it will spoil the shape of her nails as well as teeth. u could show pics from net to substantiate it. hope this helps!

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