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my son 7 year .for everything I have to tell him in scolding way. he never r do any work in one

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Updated on Aug 12, 2017

my son 7 year old ..he is have bed wetting problem .little hyper ..I have to repeat saying him to do any job .his house school work or hid daily activities ..I always have eto scold him .for small things that oo

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| Aug 12, 2017

hi Savita13savita! I do comprehend your concern. u need to set his routine . help him follow it. lay down some basic rules ,reward points on consistent good behavior and minus point for not following it and consequences such as taking away of prvigeles. take help of his father and let him teach one or two subjects and rest u can handle. homes where both parents are involved in educating the chid , children perform well and are well disciplined too. speak to him politely and praise him for good behavior. make sure u r not complaining always and also focus on his strengths and praise him for those . motivate him through his strengths. hope this helps!

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| Aug 13, 2017

Homeopathic medicine is available for bed wetting. Check with homeopathy clinic.

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