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Updated on Apr 04, 2016

Hi. .. my son is very interesting.. he is just getting angry and through things and beating.

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| Apr 06, 2016

Hi Jayahsree! How r u? It is advisable to look for the trigger and Try and understand what is making him feel so angry. If possible,avoid the situation which makes him behave so. When he is throwing things or shouting, just leave the room. When he calms down,talk to him what is bothering him. At home make sure nobody hits him or shout at him. U could tell elder sibling to divert his attention or involve him some activities. Also his energies could be channelized in doing something constructive like making him join a hobby class, or sports activity etc. Praise him when he is good. Also try and be a rolé model by behaving calmly and maintaining your cool when u r upset. Avoid comparing both the kids. reward him with favorite dish or priveleges like half an hour extra of playing outdoors etc. And when he is not behaving well, u could take away priveleges. While explaining rules be firm and clear. Have same rules for both the kids. Hope this helps! Tkcare!

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