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my son afraid of nearby or far parked or moving vehicles at our apartment

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Nov 15, 2019

in our cellar vehicles were parked when some vehicle is moved nearby or far my son is afraid why so? any suggestions from fellow parents experts? nothing serious just normal

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| Nov 15, 2019

Hi sravan lakkaraju ! Some children are scared of moving vehicles as they have been advised to be careful . So this gets message goes in their mind and the fear continues. That's perfectly fine. let him take his time to overcome this fear.

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| Nov 16, 2019

Sravan, its phobia. Try to break wall of fear of son. Like take short rides with son in cars, take him to apartment's garage etc. Go out with him where he will see numerous cars. What's the age son. Its not big issue. Give time but don;t gorce him do so...

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| Nov 17, 2019

yws.. Sravan.. 2 wheeler is also good foe son's observation. its a starting step for destroying phobia.... go ahead.

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