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Updated on Apr 28, 2019

My son is 2. 7 years old whenever he meet his friends he become vigorous and start pushing dragging . How to change his behavior ? I doubt that action scene in cartoon makes him to do that

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| May 01, 2019

hi Shweta Kumar ! this could be either because your child is picking this habit from someone else or is doing it to get noticed and now it's become almost like a habit. change of habit needs a lot of effort and patience, but its possible. you could sit your child down and tell a story about caring for the environment/surrounding and keeping it clean. And then next level introduce some good habits like cleaning the surrounding areas, trash to be put in the dustbin. Once the child internalizes this philosophy, you will find the child being cognizant and then you may not even have to sensitize your child to stop spitting.

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| Apr 30, 2019

My 3 yr. old son has the habit of spiting and putting fingers in mouth from past 1 month. Morever he has the habit of throwing eatables or blocks kicks off also. I scolded him many times, poliely also I tried but no use. In playschool also he spits. How can I change his behavior.

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| Apr 29, 2019

which tv programs is he watching regularly? also, is there something else in his surroundings, where you have noticed similar behvaviour

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| Apr 28, 2019

hi a A RATHINAPANDIAN ! ! quite possible. u could regulate what he watches. reduce screen time to 45 minutes per day.. also teach him the right behavior in a social setting by taking him out everyday to public places such as a mall, park etc..

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