my son does not chew his food, he L always have one bite of food and water. how to make him to chew his food?? important he tries swallow the food as such

1 to 3 years

Created by Revathi Raghavan
Updated on May 05, 2016

advise how to feed

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| Jul 11, 2016

Hi.. i’v a baby boy 3 yrs of age. Making him eat is food is very tough task. He is not chewing his food and swallows as such he gets in his mouth. While doing so he s vomiting the food and escapes from eating. He made this habit a regular one, doing every day. He started going play school from june. He had well in the beginning but now this past 2 weeks he often vomits his food during lunch. Teacher is saying he himself eating if some thing hits his throat he is vomiting. We are not giving him solid food at all, foods in liquid state only. Please guide me in this regard. I feel very sick and bad if I think about him, How to make him eat his food without vomiting and make him chew.

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| May 05, 2016

Hi Revathi, As I can see into your profile your son has become two years old, still he does swallow the food. It's normal at his age. You keep on introducing new things to him. Children at this age are afraid of chewing and then swallow concept. They feel safe comfortable while taking liquid and semi-solid diet. But mash the food item a bit, to avoid risk while eating. Give him some more time, At the age of two, children develop thinking process as well. They are sometimes confused with this chewing concept and just swallow the food. And some are lazy , they don't want to chew, it seems to them like a hard work. Steadily and slowly they would automatically strat chewing. Some children have late teething process that's also an issue with the concept of chewing becomes late. So, Give semi - solid food to your child and some times give him slice of apple,cucumber,carrot etc. You must have notice your child just bite and spite all the items like that. Actually that's all learning part of knowing solid food. Slowly and gradually he will start eating each and every thing.

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| May 05, 2016

hi Revathi... pls mention ur child's age

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