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my son dont like to study atall yesterday i got his marksheet and in every subjet he get below average grade what should i do.....

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 28, 2016

lack of interest in studies

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| Sep 29, 2016

Hi Sonu, I am really surprised to know that the school is grading a 3 yr old's performance. At this age the child's skills are beginning to develop. the children have to be allowed to get ready to do things at their own pace. Most of the children are not yet ready to even hold a pencil. some even can't put a coat on by themselves. some children are still learning to make friends and socialize, some can't follow more than one instruction, some are not yet ready to open up in classroom set up. Their emotional, social, language, motor skills are still developing. Please understand that mark sheet cant say anything about your child's intelligence and his capability. esp for a child as small as yours who is only 3 will not have the same mind set all the time. It keeps changing and so his performance. he may not perform the same way all the time. So assessment at any particular time can't give any insight on his progress. So don't worry about his mark sheet and question him on his performance. Getting disappointed with his marks can only make him have an aversion towards studies. Approach his studies in fun ways Completing homework/ worksheets alone can't help the child learn. Look for learning opportunities outside school environment, in his daily routine, in the park, family dinner, during your weekend outing, during his unstructured playtime. Let the child explore and discover for himself. make it an enjoyable journey. Be supportive, keep encouraging him and get involved in his education. He will get his interest to learn.

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