my son dont study

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Updated on Feb 22, 2017

he is 8 yrs but from last 1 yr what happen he is not concentrating in his study i really get v tired n then i get soo much angry on him n i bit him v badly mujhe bohat jyada gussa aata hai what to do i dont understand

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| Feb 23, 2017

hi Anita Jain! I understand how frustrating it must be for u when he doesn't study. consider this situation u r not in a mood today to cook for some reason, and your child is hungry, and he comes and asks u to serve him food repeatedly, and finally he gets angry and bites u for not cooking. I am sure your response would be " I am never going to cook now as that was probably not the appropriate way of conveying his feelings ". I know Anita u r concerned about him and feel too bad as well when he doesn't study but the way u have adopted is going to make him further averse to studies. relax and calm down and take a break from kids and do yoga or some relaxing excercises. by biting or hurting him you are in a way hurting yourself and punishing yourself for lack of control on the situation. take command of the situation and deal with your children with love only as this is the only language they understand. bring a change in your teaching style , make it interesting, add fun and play to it and tell yourself repeatedly u will not get angry no matter what. hug him often, kiss him, take him in your lap, praise him and above all try and understand him better. and last but not the least take good care of yourself , have a healthy diet, do exercises/yoga or anything that u enjoy doing for at least 1 hour everyday , take frequent breaks and pamper yourself. hope this helps.

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