my son had a quadravac vaccine ...he has high temperature and he is not able to keep his leg down ... his is not eating anything from last night....

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Updated on Jul 14, 2017


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| Jul 15, 2017

thank u so much he is much better but he still has fever probably i ll wait for another couple of days and check if not i will visit the dr again

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| Jul 14, 2017

Hello Ramya... Quadravac vaccine has some side effects like high fever, redness and stiffness in the affected area, and severe pain. Your baby can't put down his leg due to pain and stiffness. DON'T WORRY DEAR. Everything will be fine. Hope you have started giving him Calpol drops or Crocin drops according to the doses prescribed by his pediatrician. Give him water Patti and body sponge time to time. Apply ice pack on the affected area.. bt don't put the ice cube directly on the place.. wrap it into a clean piece of cotton cloth and then apply. He is not eating as he is suffering from fever and pain. Give him breast milk as much as possible... he will feel good and his mind will be diverted. PLEASE VISIT HIS PEDIATRICIAN IF THE FEVER DOES NOT GO AWAY AFTER 3 DAYS. And within 5 days the pain will go.

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