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My Son hates Egg

3 to 7 years

Created by Sonal
Updated on May 20, 2013

Hi my 4 yr old son hates Egg, Please give me ideas, how should i make him eat it? as we are vegetarians & the protien he gets thru daily food is much more less that what is required.   Please send suggestions, receipes. I have tried Pancake suggested by Anupana & that worked!.   Regards, Sonal

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| May 21, 2013

Thanks Anurima & Shanaya, i will definitely try this idea of grating the egg & adding in curry. Shanaya i also first though that he might be allergic to it as my husband is, but my son can eat pastry which has egg in it. Just the smell puts him off.. i am also buying the organic one which does not have a smell.. thanks guys..

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| May 21, 2013

Dear Sonal, could your little boy be allergic to eggs. Sometimes kids are not able to tell us that a certain food could be causing trouble. I myself am allergic to eggs and get this stomach ache whenever I eat eggs - since childhood. Perhaps you could try and find out if this is the case here. :)

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| May 20, 2013

Hi Sonal. I am so glad that the pancake idea was a success with your son. Hope it continues that way :)My daughter too hated eggs and used to gag at the smell of eggs. I used to grate boiled eggs and mix very well with her food. You can try doing this with any of his favourite curries, it may work. You may also try making scrambled eggs with milk. Take one egg, beat it well with salt and pepper and mix a little milk with the egg. Beat well and cook it lightly on a pan. Make sure to leave it soft and fluffy. If the heat is too much or you cook it for longer, the eggs will get dry and hard. You need to cook them just enough to keep them soft and moist. Also try adding some cheese to the hot eggs. This usually takes away most of the smell and taste of eggs. Give him scrambled eggs with any other food item and also with bread (for breakfast). Hope this helps too.. Fingers crossed :)

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