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my son in 2nd std CBSE aylabs but he coudnt read english .students from his clas are read text book but my son cant.. what i do

7 to 11 years

Created by Jilshida
Updated on Aug 17, 2017


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| Aug 17, 2017

hi Jilshida!that's okay, u could start afresh and take each day at hand. see from the beginning where he is lacking.. does he have difficulty in reading or writing ? see if he is writing alphabets and words correctly . once u rule out learning disability , teach him 7 sight words in a week like he , she , it ,they, write, read , draw, sing, yellow etc. let him practice those reading and writing everyday . explain their meaning giving examples. help him make sentences from those words. give him dictation test everyday. praise him for his genuine efforts. say motivating words to him like 'u r doing an amazing job', 'u r awesome'. but do work with him everyday and help him take a step further. hope this helps!

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| Aug 17, 2017

Dear sister, Engage him in talking english at home. Educate him that no offense if he utters anything wrong such as grammatical errors, etc. Make him know that 'practise makes a man perfect'.. Show him the care and effort that u take for him by spending some time with him and this time could be utilized by teaching, reading or writing some small daily used words. There are many apps that teaches English and you may spend on some beginner books too.. Especially children will not accept things when they don't like to do a specific hard effort to attain it since they're not grownups to understand things easily. But, if u practise he would get a talent to teach the world. Not a big deal. Explain him that English is a universal communication language by motivating him and the same time tell him the importance of communication too. All the best ☺

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