my son is 1y3month.. now a days when ever mosquito bites him,he got a big rash on that place. .suggest me what to do

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Updated on Feb 17, 2017

mosquito biting

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| Mar 09, 2017

A child's skin can be very sensitive even to mosquito bites. Best thing is to avoid mosquitoes around him.. Do not use any mosquito liquid repellent or any gels on his skin. Check for mosquitoes in the room that your son will be in.. Use a Mosquito Bat. That is best and safe. Nowadays they even sell some kind of stickers as repellent which u can stick on your kids clothes. (I haven't tried it so I'm not exactly sure how safe it is. But as long it doesn't have any contact with the skin or the air he breathes it should be fine). If you still feel he might have problems while he sleeps then you can apply coconut oil on the exposed skin.. Coconut oil is greasy and mosquitoes won't sit on a greasy surface.

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