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my son is 2 and half years old. This June his schooling is going to start He is afraid of strangers. new environments is very difficult for him. I am very tensed that how I will make him adjust with school environment.

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Updated on Feb 10, 2020

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| Feb 10, 2020

Hi CA Harshita Patel!some Children do take time to adjust in the new environment. Please do not worry as this is how he is ,accept him the way he is and let him handle situations at his own pace.. however you can take him to the park everyday and teach him how to mingle with age mates. Also once his school begins you could help him make friends first with the child/children (classmate) in the neighbourhood, organise playdates so that he gets comfortable at least with one or two children to begin with. Once settled he would start opening up with others too.

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| Feb 10, 2020

CA Harshida Patel yes we can understand the the tension that is going around in your mind right now but whenever we start something new there are always so many hesitations and questions in our mind... it will take some time for you and the child to adjust with the school environment it is going to be a gradual process everyday the child will learn something and it will give you immense pleasure to see him grow up so don't it get don't tensed everything will be alright and there are teachers in the school who are very well accustomed to this type of situations and know how to handle it ....only on your part ...have to be strong and make sure that the child takes all the things which are needed for his first day at the school

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