My son is 21 months old and he speaks only few words... please suggest me that how should I make him to speak...

Vishali Kalra

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Jan 24, 2016

Speech problem

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pooja shahi

| Jan 29, 2016

Treat him as adult and talk to him as much as u can. Ask him questions, prompt him to say something while u are talking to him. Even while watching tv, cooking keep telling him about smting which he seems to be interested in. The best way to tesch him speaking is to play wid him . Also while making him sleep, try to pamper him wid gestures like gd,gm, sleepy sleepy or watever soothes ur child.

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Faiza Naved Shahbazkar

| Jan 25, 2016

Hi my baby is 3months and facing cough and cold plz suggest some remedies

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| Jan 24, 2016

Hi vishali! Its a good start. Encourage your child to speak the full line and do not react on single words or action. For e. g. if you child uses a sign / single word for water, encourage him to say the line. You may need to prompt in the beginning but it will start working with time. Stay patient pls.

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sujitha murali

| Jan 24, 2016

Each and every kid develop in their own way.. its really practicle for a kid to talk only few words by 21 months.. communicate with ur kid a lot our communication gives a better result more than a therapist.. no worry

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