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My son is 3 year he is not wish going to school and crying what is the solution

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Updated on Jan 06, 2017

Hi is not going to school

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| Jan 07, 2017

hi Mamata Jena! I understand your concerns! first of all u need to tell yourself that u have taken the right decision by making him join school. the more he would see u confident about your decision better he will be able to adjust. during the course of the day talk about how much fun school is , how much kids enjoy on swings, dance , make craft, colour and do various funfilled activities . if u have another child of his age around in neighborhood, who goes to same school, let them spend time beyond school hours in the evening so that he sees a familiar face around , he is comfortable with. also make him spend time on school swings once u r there to pick him up, incase u go for picking him up everyday .talk to teachers and make them know more about his interests in front of him. make goodbyes in the morning short and quick. if he cries after u leave , don't worry he will calm down . but if u would keep standing and waiting till he calms down , he would make sure u don't leave by continuously sobbing. don't worry Mamata this phase comes in every parent's life when they have to send their child away from home for few hours . rest assured he will adjust soon. tkcare!

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| Feb 07, 2017

take him with you on small tours of school let him get familiar with the school and staff and take him back with you. this way he can adapt school environment easily.

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