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My son is 3 year old. He drink milk from bottle .I want he leaves bottle. what to do?

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Updated on Aug 14, 2017

I tried many times. BT he does not leave.

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| Aug 14, 2017

hi Ruchi Vinod ! u could take him to market and buy him an attractive sippy cup or mug with his picture on it. on his way back home let him donate his bottle with milk to the needy. also keep counseling beforehand on how he would be doing a great job by doing so, and how much God will be happy to see him help a poor child . tell him if he would drink from sippy cup he would grow taller and stronger just like his Papa. give him a star, smiley stickers on his hand once he finishes milk. it might take some time but he would soon adjust. Ruchi Vinod u need to be patient, motivating , supportive throughout and help him get rid of this habit. hope this helps

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