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my son is 4. 5 years old he never listen and always try, S to be very slow and he is not interested in studying how to I go about it

3 to 7 years

Created by Sunitha
Updated on Mar 12, 2018

same as above

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| Mar 19, 2018

My daughter is 5yer 1month old know she is in UKG(senior kg) she is v.. fickle minded and she can not concentrate her study she distract v. Easily she cannot set one place more then 30 mint she faget study . Exep study she rember everything

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| Mar 12, 2018

Hi Sunitha.. you can try telling him bedtime stories concocted by you, yourself. Give an interesting NAME to the main character. Imagine and give funny names to his parents, make the story contain a lot of funny events similar to the routines of your son and his friends. Make stories enjoyable and eventually add events of how he had to face bad consequences of NOT STUDYING and then how he gradually developed GREAT INTEREST in studies and how much he enjoys them now. Be soft but firm to ur son and you can give even moral lessons thru such simple, casual quick stories.

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| Mar 12, 2018

hi Sunitha! try and understand why he doesn't want to study. is he not able to understand, is he facing any issues related to learning? is it that he doesn't find it interesting? is he not able to sit for long? once u identify the issue, we can deal with it effectively.

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