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my son is 4yrs 7months old he always wants to play with phones. And cries loud or shouts at us when we try to avoid him from doing so. can anybody suggest me

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Updated on Jun 21, 2017

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| Jun 21, 2017

hi Priyanka Pavani! getting into the habit is easier but getting rid of it takes time. u need to be quite firm and with your persistent efforts he will sooner or later overcome it. let there be blanket rules for the entire family. no use of gadgets while meal time. no gadgets around in bedroom. max 1 hr usage of gadgets time. avoud use of gadgets in front of the child .. if he doesn't study, reduction in mobile usage time by 15 minutes. give him interesting alternatives, say 1-1 and 1/2hrs playing outdoors, , doing of an activity with your child say making a best out of waste craft. get him puzzles or books to read, or painting colors with book or an instrument as per his interest so that he utilizes his time and energy in the right direction. praise , motivation would do wonders in this case while scolding or not sticking to rules can demotivate him and make him glued to gadgets again. hope this helps!

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| Jun 23, 2017

hi yes shika is right. i do same. divert ur child mind in other side by give them different types of activity n u should try to not use of mobile in front of children.

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