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my son is 5yrs 8 months old.... he becomes hyperactive infront of people(known as well unknown)When we try to stop him he becomes aggressive... he doesn't listen

3 to 7 years

Created by Sana Ali
Updated on Nov 03, 2016

How to deal with the behaviour

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| Nov 04, 2016

hi Sana Ali! I understand your concerns ! a child is smart and could be doing so as he is trying to take advantage that Mom and Dad won't be able to react much in front of guests. also he knows he can get his demands fulfilled or get away with things which are not allowed otherwise. Make sure before guests are at home, u calmly remind him of all the things to be kept in mind. if he behaves well, make sure u praise him, hug him and even reward him with his favorite dish . But if he misbehaves again he will have to go through the consequences such as deduction of TV time or grounded for a day. otherwise also spend some exclusive time with him to understand your child better and work on the beautiful bond that u share. the more u would work on him with praise and positive feedback and patience the better would be the results. instead of just saying' No, don't do this' , u could tell him why u don't want him to do so. reframe your sentence and seek better options of doing the same thing, reach a consensus. hope this helps!

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| Nov 04, 2016

Hi Sana, here's a blog that may help you-

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