My son is 8 years old.. He is completely depend either on me or my mom to get ready,packing his school bag etc.. How to guide him?

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Updated on Aug 19, 2016

Betterment of my son..

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| Aug 20, 2016

hi Sarayna!I appreciate your concerns. I believe that boys too should learn to do their work on their own and not be dependent on their mothers ,and later on wives for everything. A child or for that matter anyone would be dependent as they have been trained to be so by us. They have got everything served to them on the platter, and since they and we too have got used to it , it's been going on like this since the beginning till forever. Any sort of change is uncomfortable and difficult to accept initially . it is advisable to start afresh, gradually make him independent by asking him to dress up on his own, put his plates in the sink, keep his bag and shoes and uniform at their respective places, make his bag, lay his bed cover and put his used towel on the clothesline , put his dirty clothes for laundry. also u could ask him go assist u with filling water bottles, watering the plants, feeding pets, cleaning his desk etc. Sarayna all this can't be achieved overnight. ask him to begin with one thing and gradually make him do at least his work. praise and motivation go a long way. don't scold him if he doesn't do it in the beginning, as that could make him rebellious and he will never do it. rather leave things as they are and wherever they are at least in his room. when he would see only he has to do it and no one would come to clear the mess,he would learn soon. don't forget to give him your magical hug and praise him each time he does something good. hope this helps!

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