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my son is 8 yrs old, it's very hard to make him sit and concentrate, he hardly sits for few minutes at one place. what would you recommend ?

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Updated on Feb 23, 2017

he is very clever only problem is to start studying and being steady. also he is very shy with outsiders. he speaks nonstop at home. same at school ,he will be very friendly with everyone but no stage dareing.

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| Feb 25, 2017

hi Ananya!hope you r doing good! it's hard sometimes to make children sit at one place for long as their attention span is small and their mind is constantly searching for something interesting. it's advisable to plan activities of shorter interval for him for instance to begin with study for 15 minutes at a stretch and then probably he could drink a glass of water and come back and gradually increasing the time to half an hour and so on and so forth. allow him to take a 5-7 minutes break and share with u what he would like to do in that break. he could also take a round of another room, stand in the balcony or run to the kitchen to grab a small bite during that break. the idea is to tell him to be completely attentive once he is back on his study chair and not talking about anything other than studies. so by this way he will learn to control his thoughts and pay attention and thereby gradually helping him to concentrate better and for longer duration. also make sure the tasks that u assign him are interesting and there are more of timed test papers for his self evaluation. also be should be thorough with concepts. hope this helps!

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