my son is aggressive and over weight, don't want to listen any thing, very disobedient, for his demand he became violent some time

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jun 02, 2017

my son is always think about food, very lazy, don't want to do anything, he used to shout and cry, for every demand, he don't want to listen anybody but expect everyone should listen him and obey him

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| Jun 03, 2017

hi Ruchi Srivastava! please try and understand your child better. some children who are stressed tend to think about food most of the time and overeat. please try and find out what's the cause for his stress. what is that he doesn't like - is it being nagged all the time or criticism or lack of attention and love ( his perception)... Ruchi children need overt expression of love for Instance a kiss on forehead, a hug , spending exclusive time with him, taking care of him by keeping in mind his preferences , his likes and dislikes. he is your child and u love him, there is no denying of this fact but u need to tell him time and again by such overt expressions. as far as studies are concerned, once u understand him better, listen to him, not raise your tone with him, be polite with him, then seeing this change in u, he will definitely listen to u and follow your instructions. work on the bond that u share with him. we as parents are responsible for whatever our children go through , so it's becomes our responsibility to show them the right path, when they deviate with love and patience , motivation and care. tkcare!

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