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My Son is having some allergy, whenever he wakes up in the morning he constantly have cough for 5-10 minutes and after some times the situation normalizes. I have consultant top pediatricians of the city and out side but got no clue.. please guide..

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Dec 09, 2012

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| Dec 11, 2012

I myself had this problem well into my teens. If it is due to the cool weather it would make sense to wrap his throat in a scarf at night. The moment he wakes up in the morning, you can try giving him a spoon of honey mixed in warm water. If possible also add a little tulsi juice. (You can get it by pressing tulsi leaves at home till you get a spoon of extract). This is sure to calm throats at all ages.

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| Dec 10, 2012

Hi Diwakar. This is a kind of allergy, which is faced by many people. It is a reaction due to exposure to sudden temperature change. However, it may be a temporary phase for your son and if you make small changes to his surroundings, you could see a difference. You can go through the link suggested by Aashna and may also consult an allergy specialist if need be.

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| Dec 09, 2012

Hi Diwakar. There was a similar question raised by a mother a few days ago. Please see this link and go through the posts. I hope you will find your answers there. Thanks.

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