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my son is money demanding

3 to 7 years

Created by Preeti Vikas Bansal
Updated on Jul 23, 2017

how to stop him

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| Jul 23, 2017

Hello Preeti what does your child need the money for ? how frequently has he been asking , he doesn't have older sibling so where has he heard it from ? Who are his friends? There is one method which might work, you can give it a try. (Ask and Answered) here your child comes and asks you for something , you answer the child . After a little time , he will come back 1) tell him , you know about Ask and Answered rule in our house ( he'll say no) 2) then ask him that he asked a question about ( xyz) a while back , he'll say yes I did 3) Ask him what the answer was , ( he'll make a tantrum) but enforce the answer on him again 4)ask him if you are a parent who will keep on saying the same thing again and again?? ( chances are he'll start whining to get his way ) you'll have your be strong in the initial stages . 5) The child will come back again with the same request , and all you need to tell him is that I've already answered you on this. A little bit of consistency will make the child realise that you won't bend and he can't do anything about the same. he will accept it after a while.

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| Jul 23, 2017

hi Preeti ! whats the exact age of your child.. if it's 4 years as mentioned in the profile, please think about it, as chances are probably he doesn't even know what's the value of money, what all he can buy with that amount and it's use and misuse. u could share this message with the help of story telling, placards, role play, books etc. I am sure if explained with love, he would definitely understand. hope this helps!

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