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my son is not able to study according to the timetable made by himself

11 to 16 years

Created by Meenu Sharma
Updated on Aug 22, 2017

my son is in 10 th but still not serious about his studies. pls help me how should I make him understand the value of time.

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| Aug 23, 2017

Hi Meenu, Probably your son is trying his best by preparing a schedule but he is making some unrealistic goals which are not achievable. You may help him set some short term goals which are very specific. for example, instead of setting an unrealistic goal like "Complete human body systems in next one week", he can be more specific like "complete skeletal system in another 3 days". Being very specific and having a short term goal would help him achieve them easily. But to ensure he has attained the goal, he can work on an outcome such as drawings, preparing notes/ presentation, teaching another person etc. The outcome should be something tangible from which you should be able to measure his progress. Also while setting the goal, understand your child's learning pace and give enough time to achieve the goal. if time is not sufficient, his focus will only be on the deadline and not on his activity. working on something with deadline pressure wont be effective. Giving enough time for a realistic goal wouldn't overwhelm him. Hope this helps.

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| Aug 22, 2017

thanks dear

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| Aug 22, 2017

hi Meenu Sharma ! u could make him speak to his senior who could guide him , how to go about planning and executing his schedule . also u could make him stick his schedule on his desk , so that he could constantly see and follow it . u could also gently remind him and help him follow it. motivate him and praise him when he follows. give extra attention to him, at times cook his fav dish, spend half an hr everyday talking to him about his day, his plans, his progress and motivate him . Meenu the more patient and caring u would be towards him, more he would be motivated to do better. hope this helps!

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