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my son is not taking interest in studies after so many pushes from our behalf

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 06, 2016

how we can develope some interest in him about his own study

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| Dec 07, 2016

hi Rachna Mathur! I understand your concerns. this time let his father do the needful. let him take charge of his son and everyday keep a track of his progress. tell him to allocate him some work before he leaves for school and once he is back from office , check whether he has finished it or not. if not then make him do right then and there in front of him. also ask him to take surprise tests to check whether his concepts are clear. he needs motivation and praise and not pleas which fall on deaf ears. plan a schedule with him wherein he needs to finish his homework, revise whats done in school and also prepare for his class tests in advance. make him meet his elder siblings and cousins who could tell him how important it is to be regular in studies to make ones career and also make him meet cousins or your friends' children who are not able to pursue the profession of their choice just because they didn't study hard or were too casual in their approach towards studies . let him be clear towards his goals both long term and short term. after few days pause for a while and check how close he is towards reaching these. if still there is a long way how he needs to strategize and change his action plan. the role of father or a male figure in consonance with mother is very important to keep kids on track as then they consider they are answerable to the authority figures and are under constant supervision, which motivates them to work harder and work towards reaching their goals. hope this helps!

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| Dec 08, 2016

Hi Rachna, perhaps you would like to read this blog I came across while browsing the site. It goes by the name How to improve your child’s concentration skills?

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