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My son is now 6 month. I want to know what I need to feed him apart from Brest feeding.

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Created by Surekha Patil
Updated on Oct 18, 2015

My son is now 6 month. I want to know what I need to feed him apart from Brest feeding

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| Oct 19, 2015

Yes, I began with mashed banana, stewed apple, for atleast 15-20 days. I maintained the 3 day rule, i. e every food introduced to the infant is to be repeated for 3 consecutive days to understand any allergies if any. I did not introduce anything else during the 3 day test. I today give him ghiya, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, palak, tomatoes (soups, I strain it to reject skin n seeds), khichdi, Oats, papaya, stewed pear. Daal palak.. He takes a bowl full meal every 2 hours. My kid is not too fond of milk so had to introduce Oats to him. As far as water is concerned above 6 months baby can/should consume about 150-240ml of water this includes the water in formula milk, juices, or soups. I feed him as well after I m back from office. So he gets enough fluid content through out the day. Hope this helps you. All the best.

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| Oct 19, 2015

Hi Surekha, At 6 months, you can start with soft fruits such as mashed banana, boiled/stewed mashed apple or pear, chikoo or sapota, boiled mashed potato/ghiya/tori/tinda/sweet potato etc. , and even some light daal chawal khichdi. As far as I remember, grains (anaaj) should be introduced after 9 months. If you want, you can also begin with rice cerelac. hoep this helps.

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| Oct 18, 2015

Hello Surekha, looking forward to the responses for your post. I need to know exactly the same thing and how much quantity and frequency, as water also has to be introduced?

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