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My son is shy nature ,he speakks feel free with us however hesitates in front of other

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 09, 2016

Same as above

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| Apr 09, 2016

Hi Bhupendra! Some children are shy by nature. They take time to open up in front of strangers. To come out of their shell they need lot of motivation and praise and rehearsals. If u r visiting someone or u r going to have guests at home,prepare the child in advance. Let the child know about them, who are they, how r they related to u. Tell how much they love children and if there will be kids accompanying them. The child will be at ease and would be comfortable and not feel threatened by the presence of strangers, if u have already done your homework. Similarly motivate the child to greet others. Tell them when u greet and talk nicely to others ,they bless u and u become taller with their blessings . So try and get more and more blessings to be tallest in your class or at home. Avoid scolding or ridiculing or embarrassing the child for not opening up. just say see I greeted thEm and I have become taller. Mark a line on the wall and show how taller u have become than last time and he remains same. Be innovative in your ideas to motivate the child. Hope this helps!

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