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my son is very shy doesn't talk when there are many people in class he is silent at home he doesn't listen to me I will beat him then he does work

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 02, 2016

my son I very shy in class at home he doesn't not listen to me if I beat shout he completes work he is attached to few friends doesn't have courage to mix with other kids w

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| Oct 03, 2016

hi Poornima Suvarna! how r u ! some children are not able to muster the courage to speak up or openly share their views for the fear of being criticized or mocked upon. the reason for that could be they do not have that confidence in them . this confidence can come when their own people on a day to day basis encourage them, praise them and motivate them to take a leap of faith. you need to assure him he is on the right track. for instance if I keep telling my child all the time " u r good for nothing and children of your age are so smart and ahead of you". if she happens to hear this 5to 10 times in a day till , This message gets registered in her subconscious mind and she starts believing in it and feels that she is actually Good for nothing. Instead if I keep telling her" u r so smart and I am blessed to have you as my child" and the likes, she would have that Confidence in her and the courage to openly share her point of view without the fear of being criticized or ridiculed. it's advisable to have that faith in your child and fill his day with positive feedback about him. Poornima believe u me, u and important people in his life hold the key to his success in all domains of his life! use it wisely by unlocking all doors that open into a beautiful garden and where his roots are so strong and well nourished that he is ought to bloom into a beautiful flower and carry on with that fragrance and aura, that he is proud of himself. hope this helps!

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