My Son keeps comparing with his younger sister and is losing his focus on studies. He is otherwise very intelligent and scores good marks when he concentrates.

7 to 11 years

Created by Sumit BHATTACHARYA
Updated on Feb 08, 2017

How to get my son back on track

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| Mar 10, 2017

hi Sumit! sibling rivalry is every household's story nowadays and talking about it is like hitting a nerve. i do understand very much and agree with your concerns. first and foremost we need to understand we need to bring a change in ourselves. so remember certain do's : praise, hug , shower your love , pamper and scold both your kids equally. and now don'ts: never take sides, never scold one for another, don't be partial or compare them ever with each other. we forgets older child is still a child and ordinal position doesn't make him mature .please deal with him with your love , and make him realize in as many ways as possible that he is still your special and a loved one and u r proud of him. hug him , praise him everyday, give him positive feedback about his work. motivate him to work on his strengths and build that confidence in him that your second child has made the bond that u share with him all the more special and stronger. express your love for him .let him know it has increased manifolds and u respect him for being a caring brother. hope this helps!

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| Mar 10, 2017

I don't get it compari himself with younger sister ? For what ? And how does it impact his studi s. How old are they and what makes you think so? Thanks

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| Feb 08, 2017

hii Sumit .. try to motivate him saying that evryone had their own way of doing things n no two people r similar .. ask ur daughter also to convience him that he is best as he is ..

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