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My son is 5 years old. He is very happy and active child he is very caring about parents. But he started to speak very late, now he communicate everything but still don't speak story telling type. He speaks small sentences can't explain in detail. He is not Interested in study at all. He does not chew food properly, for long time store in cheek and if he chews in long time then again don't swallow fast I have to say again and again chew chew swallow swallow sometime I loose my temper and I shout on him and later I feel very bad for him. Please help

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| Jul 05, 2017

hi Madhu Prasad! yes i do understand your worry! some children take time in learning to form sentences and from there on carrying it fwd to framing and saying 2-3 sentences together, followed by making a story. Madhu u could make reading bedtime story a ritual. also talk a lot with him. when he comes back home and is in a mood to talk , u could ask him how his day at school had been, what all he studied and so on.. appreciate him for genuine efforts . make it a regular practice at home, to ask questions and don't take yes or no or gestures as answers. help him elaborate. as far as not chewing food is concerned, u could serve him food on dining table with others. give him a time limit of 20-25 minutes to finish as much as he wants. make meal time Happy family time. show him how u chew food and remind him to chew without scolding. also if he finishes within the time limit, praise him with a smiley. hope this helps!

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