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my son over reacts to everything

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 25, 2017

Whenever my son is with other children he becomes less agreeable and makes faces. He is not happy at one or other point of time. He assumes so many things before hand. For example once story-telling session was going on where the narrator was making imagery stone and water soup. He just started making faces and trying to run away on the pretext that he doesn't want to drink that soup. Kindly suggest how can I change his behaviour otherwise he is good at studies, has no stage fear and even good at drawing and colouring.

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| May 25, 2017

hi Amanpriit Bandra! I understand your worry completely. I would analyse your child's behavior into two parts. one he thinks ahead of others , so he is a smart child and is able to guess what might come next . so that's the good part. the other part about his behavior is he assumes what's gonna come next is likely to be unpleasant or he wouldn't like it so he makes faces. his presumption is good but since he associates it with negative and gives a reaction is something we need to work on.. Amanpriit boys are generally more vocal if they dislike something they would say it on face or give a reaction while girls would empathise and would not want to hurt others feelings so they keep things to self.. u could try and keep telling him how his reaction can hurt others feelings and it's not good to make faces. for instance if he is making a drawing, and if u would make faces before even he has finished it how would he feel. try to teach empathy to him without hurting his feelings. I am sure as he grows up he would soon be able to empathise with others. tkcare!

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