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My son survives only on fruits

1 to 3 years

Created by Tulsi
Updated on May 19, 2014

Hello paretune,    I have twins aged 20 months. till a month ago both we're eating very well.. But suddenly one of them has just stopped eating chappati... Only if he is in mood he will eat rice dal... but on other hand he relishes eating fruits, ladoo's, dosa.... I have a hard time making him eat lunch or dinner... the whole day he wants to eat is fruits... I really don't know if surviving on fruits if enough for him... N what should I do to Make him eat proper food... Have tired a number of things reading other blogs on parentune... But nothing's seems to work... Please help me...  

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| May 20, 2014

Thank you so much Anita... I will surely try n make other option available for him... Thanks once again... :)

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| May 20, 2014

Hi Tulsi, Don't worry. It sometimes happen with children. With the weather being hot, your child may be craving for more hydration and fruits are a natural option for him. Or maybe he is not in a mood to eat something hot like a chapatti (as is grains are heavy to digest and summers can put children off the roti). They are too small to communicate their requirements so take a cue from him. Fruits in themselves are a good meal option so don't worry. Give him a variety and give it to him frequently. If you want that he should be eating roti, offer it mashed to him with a mango or his other favourite fruit, or with dahi with a fruit mashed in it. Also, your focus should be on giving him a complete meal that has grains also. You can give him that through wholewheat pasta made at home, or kheer made of sooji, atta halwa, atta ladoo. roti is just one option. remove roti from his site for a few days and let him eat other things. re-introduce after a week and he may be more amiable to it. hope this helps.

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| May 19, 2014

Please help me...

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