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my son Suryansh has unbalancing &speech problem even this he brings full marks

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Aug 09, 2017

He has sharp brain but lack of confidence .Due to not good speech teachers don't participate in school programmes quiz poem .not good friends .he gets full marks in all his subjects but now a days he his getting bad friends who r weak in their studies &tickle suryansh&provoke him to do naughty acts .how i can overcome from this problem

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| Aug 09, 2017

hi Sneha Pinky! make sure he is not under too much of pressure to perform well. as that could be one of the reasons to be under confident and hence stammer. Sneha he needs your love and attention, hug hum often, avoid pressurising him to get full marks or study for long hours and also make him do relaxation exercises or yoga which could calm him down. avoid comparisons with other kids , praise him for his genuine efforts and. hug him often. as far as his company is concerned, u need to talk to him and explain to him what impact it can have on him. he might be getting along well with these boys ,as they don't judge him, appreciate him and he feels relaxed with them. let him be at ease and work on the bond that u share with him.. hope this helps!

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