Child Psychology and Behaviour

my son was down with viral for a week. after he is out of it now his behavior is drastically changed. he has become violent, screaming and shouting, hitting every one at home, up to mischief one after another. but he wasnt the same earlier.

Manasi Ghadi Kavatkar

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Sep 24, 2015

behavior/ violent / very mischievous

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Pallavi Srikanth

| Oct 01, 2015

I also have observed exactly the same behaviour with my daughter after her viral fever. very cranky, violent, bites and hits everyone when angry. Easily gets upset for small things. We adults at home have to listen when she orders something! She was never like this before. She had continuous 2 episodes of viral sickness in a span of 15days since then her behavior has changed!

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| Sep 29, 2015

spend some time together ,take him out, give him an assurance tat ur there for him, they seek a lot of attention at that point

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Manasi Ghadi Kavatkar

| Sep 24, 2015

thansk for your quick revert, but in his case he is not at all cranky.. but he has now new mischeavious looks ... if i catch him while doing some thing wrong he will have a weird smile on his face and says no i am not doing any thing.

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| Sep 24, 2015

due to Viral weakness, kids behave like this and they become very cranky . They keep on crying on trivial matters. It has happened to my son as well. Give him nutritious food, good sleep to recover. If he is going school you can take break and spend some time with him. In evert 2 hrs give something to eat. Slowly his behaviour will change. At this age kids unable to judge that they are hungry or feeling weak. Top of all give him lots of love and understand him.

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