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My son who is 16 years old has a sedentary lifestyle . He is spending 10-12 hours in front of screen. Never listens to me or his father . We are trying not to be strict with him. All our reminders and requests to regulate screen time fall on deaf ears. How can we tackle this situation?

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Jun 04, 2020

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| Jun 04, 2020

Hi Zara ! The situation we all have been going through is a tough one, so our children are finding new ways to beat the underlying stress due to unprecedented circumstances and the anxiety around. Please try and understand we will have to find out more engaging ways to keep our children occupied if we plan to replace gadgets with something which can make them productive and also contribute to their learning. you could structure his day with a schedule including all the activities such as sleeptime, playtime, screentime etc. Make sure the entire family walk the talk by following the schedule. Also do spend minimum of half an hour each day as family time in which all the members could play board games, dumb sharades, cook a meal, just talk about any memorable event etc. I am glad you are not being strict with the child as children learn more by example than rules. Here is a vlog which you might find useful. Blogs-

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| Jun 05, 2020

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