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My son who is 16 years old has a sedentary lifestyle . He is spending 10-12 hours in front of screen. Never listens to me or his father . We are trying not to be strict with him. All our reminders and requests to regulate screen time fall on deaf ears. How can we tackle this situation?

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Updated on Jun 04, 2020

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| Jan 17, 2022

I do understand your concern. Of late gadgets have become their go-to thing. If they feel bored, they are upset, they are happy, they want a break or they want to relax they consider screen time the best way to spend time. We need to sit down with them and decide the maximum time limit they can watch gadgets . Set the rule such as they can't play games or watch videos during online classes. No gadgets viewing after 9 pm or during mealtime. No phones allowed in bedroom etc. Also let them know they have to finish their work and then can take a stipulated break of 15 minutes. Discuss with them long term impact of watching screen for longer hours. You also follow the rules which are being and be a role model for the child. Only if we walk the walk and not just do the talk can we expect our children to follow us. Here is a blog you might find useful. Blogs-

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